Miki's Letter To Volunteers
(March 2005 No. 2)
March 25, 2005

OBFS Operation Beanie For Service members Huntington Beach, CA Tel. 714-965-0018

Hello, all you great "Beanie Team members"!

The knitting and crocheting is progressing quite nicely thanks to the enthusiasm of all the "active hands and active mouths"; the number of beanies is growing and the network is spreading!
Cindy Roderick, her teenage daughter Kelsey, and Kelsey's two teenage friends have together made 40 beanies. Not only are they of excellent workmanship, but original in design, and bright and cheerful too!
Marlene Adams appealed for prospective beanie makers in 2 consecutive Sunday church bulletins at St. James Anglican Church in Newport Beach; she even offered two classes along with instructions for novices. She received 24 contacts on the first Sunday. Currently she has 40 students, and has already delivered 39 beanies. And ... that's not all! She created a web page, along with instructions, tags, as well as offering classes for her ALPHA OMICRON PI Alumnae chapter, and, she's asking all chapters in Orange and San Diego counties to spread the word. She received 8 responses before even going online. Whew!

Dolores Gilmore of Kenniwick, Washington and her 61 contacts have sent beanies, which arrived on St. Patrick's Day; then 2 more packages with 39 beanies came on March 24.
She also forwarded suggestions from a Marine: The knitted beanie should only consist of 1-strand instead of 2-strand worsted yarn, and the length not more than 8" when beginning the decrease.
Carol Shaylor of Maineville, Ohio has sent 3 beanies so far; she sends one per week.
Lloyd Jones, the graphic artist who completed as well as made the copyright for Miki's design, created a striking poster. You must come in and see it! He donated all his work as a "token of friendship to Miki and goodwill to OBFS, that's what life is all about". And, he's making beanies, too! His beanie maker wife is giving him instructions.

A "mystery lady", a park ranger at Santa Ana Zoo, delivered 40 beanies. We have received another letter on March 7:

Dear Operation Beanies for Soldiers

My name is Sgt. Geremy Cloyd and I was happy to receive your packages. I made sure to pass them around to my fellow Marines who are grateful. Your generosity and consideration make our job a lot easier, and when times get tough, remind us that what we do is appreciated. Your actions speak loudly about why it is good to be an American.I will be home in April and have pictures of my taskforce wearing the beanies. I will leave some with Sgt. Jacinto (the recruiter in Hunnngton Beach). So you can stop in his office and see them, and take with you.

Once again I thank you for everything you do and representing proud Americans everywhere.

Semper Fidelis
Geremy A. Cloyd Sgt./USMC

Miki submitted the objectives and information of OBFS to UPS on March 22, so they can work it out in order to make a cash grant to our organization, which has submitted a request for non-profit status; then we can pursue other avenues of help.

We give many, many thanks to Midge of Huntington Harbour for donating a truck full of yarn, which was part of her late sister's collection. The sister, a talented all-around crafter in her lifetime, lived in Covina, so Miki's son Louis made the trek there to pick up the "goods". This is the first yarn donation to OBFS and it will be distributed throughout to senior centers and volunteers.

Yesterday Luanne Cook came in, packed, and then shipped 117 beanies; 17 will go directly to Iraq, the other 100 to WALTER REED ARMY MEDICAL CENTER. Luanne donated her time and the cost for shipping. She also included her own 15 beanies!

Ain't that great? I'm sure there'll be lots more!

Please, if you have any comments, suggestion, corrections, or additions forward them to Gretel Mines L8Biume@sbcgiobai.net re: OBFS (otherwise I might think it's SPAM and delete you) and/or to our still "frazzled" but positive leader, Miki MikicalifvanifgiAOL.com

THANK YOU and God bless you all! Gretel