Beanie of the Month

Beanie of the month: March 2011
Doris Postal CA-01-701
Doris and friends in Simi Valley use this pattern and send us over 400 beanies twice a year. Miki went to see them last June for a luncheon in Jean’s beautiful garden.

Simply Beanie by Doris Postal Beanie Angel CA-01-701
Size 8 - 16" circular knitting needle (I use size 7 for border)
1 set of double pointed needles Size 8
4 ply worsted weight acrylic knitting yarn. (machine washable and dryable)
GAUGE- 5 sts to the inch in ss stitch.

Cast on 80 stitches loosely-join making sure not to twist stitches when joining-place a marker at beginning to signify end of row.
K1 P1 in the round until you have 2".
Work in the round (knit only) until piece measures 7-7 1/2 from beginning.

Decrease as follows:(change to double pointed needles)
K 6 K2 tog across row
K a row
K 5 K2 tog across row
K a row
K 4 K2 tog across row
K a row
K 3 K2 tog across row
K a row
K 2 K2 tog across row
K a row
K 1 K2 tog across row
K a row
K 2 tog across (10 sts remain) cut yarn, weave through stitches, pull tight and finish off.
Weave in ends.

Suggestions-you may make different color borders and stripes.

A 3 1/2 oz skein with approx. 190 yards will yield almost 2 beanies (3 if you make a border of another color)
Suggested yarns-Red Heard Soft, Satin-Bernat Camouflage, Satin and soft worsted. Bernat Jacquard works very well.

Enjoy and Thank You.