Instructions and Message Tags
Knitted Beanies for Our Service Members (MS-1004)

Miki created this simple pattern for her Operation Beanies for our Service Members.
Please help her mission by making the beanies and let it roll all over the country.
You will need about 4 to 5 ounces of knitting worsted weight of yarn to make this beanie. Since many of you have a lot of 4-ply worsted yarn in your stock basket, I used them to make a sample. I also made one with double strand of 4ply yarn and it worked out OK.
Also need a 16 inch long circular needle size 10 ½ [ten and one-half] . A marker and a yarn needle.
Cast on 64 sts loosely with 10 ½ [ten and one-half] circular needle. Place a maker on right hand needle tip.
You are going to knit entire hat in circle. Do not twist the cast on sts when you join.
Row 1: K2, P2 around.
Repeat Row 1 as a pattern . Work even for 8 to 10 inches long.
At this point you can start using set of double point needles. It may help you to knit with ease as you decrease the sts around .
First dec.row; k2, P2 tog. around 48 Sts.
Work even for 2 rows.
Second decrease: *K2 tog, P1 * around 32 Sts.
Work even for 2 rows.
Third decrease; K2 tog. around 16 Sts.
Work even for 2 rows
Last decrease; K2 tog around 8 Sts.
Take up 8 sts with yarn needle and squeeze the top and tighten. Fasten.
Now, how do you like your beanie?. You can change the color anytime or mix 2 colors together and so on and on. Use your imagination and have a great fun.
Happy Knitting from MIKI.

Crocheted Beanies For our Service Members MS-1003
Miki created this pattern especially for her OPERATION BEANIES FOR THE SERVICE MEMBERS . Please help her mission by making the beanies and let it roll all over the country.
You will need approximately 4 to 6 ounces of yarn. The yarn requirement is depends on the thickness of the yarn. Crochet hook sizes F or G for sport weight yarns, size H or I for worsted weight yarn, size J or K for Chunky weight of yarn. Again, you must check how you crochet with the yarn you use and choose the correct hook. Just remember you are making a beanie. The pattern is written for the chunky yarn.. Fill in appropriate numbers for the yarn you choose in provided ( ).
The Beanie is worked top down [from top to bottom]. Ch 5, Slip st. in first ch to form a circle.
Row1: Ch 2, make 9 dc in a circle. 10 dcs. Sl St on ch2 to connect. ( 12dc for knitting worsted), ( 14 dc for Sport ).
Row2: Ch2, make 1 dc in same st. * make 2 dc in next st * Repeat * * around. 20dcs. Sl St on ch 2 to connect. ( 24 ), ( 28 ).
Row3: Ch2, make 2dc in next st. *Make 1dc in next st, 2dc in next st * Repeat * * Around. Sl St on ch2 to connect. 30dcs, (36 ), ( 42 ).
Row4: Ch2,make 1dc in next st, 2dc in next st.* Make 1dc each in next 2dc, make 2 dc In next dc * Repeat * * around. Sl St on ch2 to connect. 40dcs ( 48 ), ( 56 ).
At this point check the size of the beanie. If you want to make bigger go to row 5.
Row5: Ch2, make 1dc each in next 2dc,make 2dc in next st. * make 1dc each in next 3dc And make 2 dc in next st * Repeat * * around. 50dcs, (60 ), ( 70 ).
If you need to make bigger than now go around once more to 60dcs. When you use fine Yarn you may need more sts around to make it big enough. Always check size of beanie.
Now, work even with the established sts round and round to get about 8 to 9 inches.
Go around 1 row of single crochet and finish off.
Congratulations!!!!!!! How do you like it? Good!! Then , start making another one.

©2004 December Crocheted Beanie MS-1003
By Miki Sessler California Yarn Sales 9542 Hamilton Ave. Huntington Beach, CA 92646 714-965-0018

Explanation of ID numbers

The ID number is offered when you contribute your first beanie. Is it just a bunch of numbers? Yes, it is. And it is a very special number because you have earned it. We do not give out these numbers that easily. The number is unique and only issued to you.

When you register, we will ask you a few questions about you. If you have an E-mail address we will use it to send you the most current news, etc. It is voluntary to answer them for us and we can assure you that information will not be used other than to contact you by us directly.

The other important reason for the registration is that with the registration we can tell how many volunteers are out there making these beanies. We can also tell how many beanie makers are in each state as well. For example, my number is CA-01-000001. When I write my message tag, I will simply write CA-01-001.

Please send us your Name, Address, Phone number, and email address and send it with your first beanie to: Operation Beanies for Service Members (OBFS)
9542 Hamilton Ave.
Huntington Beach, CA 92646

When we receive your first beanie, we will assign you an angel number and send you a welcome packet.

Please hurry!

Explanation of Message Tags

What are the Message Tags? This is a tag we do pin on each beanie after you finish making. I would like to call it “Icing on a cake”.

You can down load the Message Tags from here “messagetagp1.pdf & messagetagp2.pdf”.

You will see 4 tags on a page and please do not forget to print the Beanie Maker’s Pledge on reverse side.

We have provided spaces for your name and ID number (Beanie Angel number) and a little space for your brief message if you wish to write a few words. I recommend down load a page and fill in with your information and make copies of the page. Keep the original and use the copy.

You can certainly create your own greeting card, but we would like you to mention OBFS and address in case the service member would like to contact us and you through our address for the first time. When we receive message from service member with your angel number we will forward it to you and after that if you would like to contact the service member personally that is entirely your choice. Although we wish you would share some of your good correspondence with service member with us.

I heard enough about service members keeping the tags with them for long time even they did not write and tell us so. Please remember they are kept busy for many hours of the day for their duties, but we do receive emails and letters thanking us. I will publish some of them on our web site and share with all of you.

Many of you prefer no to mention your name, in this case, I would recommend you to enter only the Angel Number. Your identity is covered as we do not disclose your private information to anyone.